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Welcome to Netlink IP Communications

Broadband, delivered to your network via DSL or Fixed Wireless. Bondable DSL circuits give your corporate operation every advantage without paying the Telco high T-1 access fees. Whether your IT staff determines your access destiny or our net savvy consultants assist corporate management in mapping your network strategy, you, the customer have many choices. Video/multimedia streaming, e-commerce applications, redundant Internet upstream connectivity! Wireless moves faster and flies right over the last mile without infrastructure delays. Point-to-point or point-to-multipoint, go where you want to go! Wireless doesn't rely on existing phone or cable lines. Convert & relay wireless data signals to CPE (customer premise equipment) mounted on rooftops or towers. Trust true data encryption, high reliability, fast access with fewer service disruptions. Netlink IP Communications Fixed Wireless and DSL cost less and deliver more than Telco solutions. Free yourself from monopolies, exercise choice!

Netlink IP Communications is the leading provider and most established (9 years and counting!) ISP in South East Georgia. We are located in Glynn County and offer service to Saint Simons Island, Brunswick, Jesup, Savannah, Darien, and the surrounding areas. Whether your home or business requires DSL or Dial-Up Internet Access Netlink IP Communications can establish your account in a fraction of the time it normally takes with a telco monopoly. We offer webhosting, webdesign, dsl, dialup, fixed wireless, hotspot wireless, server and tower colocation. We're more than happy to help you with all of your LAN and WAN consulting needs. Uncertain which services your company requires? Contact us today for an on-site survey.

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